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We Don't See Things As They Are

We See Them As We Are

Musical Catacalysm
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Yep, that's me.

jack twist-jack nasty is love
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1987, adventures in babysitting, after midnight, air, alan fucking rickman, alix olson, ankles, audrey tautou, awards shows, baked brie, beaches, beck, ben folds, benjamin braddock, beth ditto, big words, billie holiday, brainstorming, breasts, burts bees, calzones, capture the flag, chai, chapstick, cheek kissing, cheesecake, chinese takeout, chuck taylors, clavicles, clawfoot bathtubs, clea duvall, coffee, coffeeshops, collarbones, concerts, cookout milkshakes, creativity, dance parties, dancing in parking lots, dark chocolate-covered expresso beans, day dreaming, dynamic quatro, ella fitzgerald, erykah badu, eternal sunshine, extraordinary machine, fake eyelashes, fantasies, fiona apple, fountain pens, french manicures, french-english dictionaries, fuck or kill, gardens, garter belts, girls, havarti, jack twist-jack nasty, jean-dominique bauby, jill scott, john coltrane, jon brion, jump little children, kate mckinnon, khaela maricich, kissing, kristen fucking bell, laughing, lauryn hill, leisha hailey, life-changing experiences, lips, lizzy caplan, long discussions, looking in photo albums, miles davis, molly ringwald, monopoly, mozzarella, museums, n.e.r.d., naked women, neck kisses, new cds, not doing my homework, originality, peaches, pearls, photography, pianos, pink underwear, platonic boy love, redheads, rocky horror picture show, rolling stone, rooftops, rose thorn, rufus motherfucking wainwright, sarah vaughan, scrabble, sex, sharpies, singing, sleater-kinney, soapdish, stockings, sublime, sunrises, sunsets, tea, tegan & sara, the blow, the brazilian girls, the l word, thunderstorms, tidal, tori amos, touching, uncle ed's, used bookstores, used cars, valley of the dolls, veronica mars, vibrant colors, waffle house, when the pawn, wuag, y tu mama tambien